Grief and Loss
How much grief is normal?

Grief is our natural response to loss.  Grief takes its natural course, whether we have lost a loved one, a part of our body, a good job, our home, a relationship, or whatever it has been. 

No-one can know how important your loss has been to you.  But even with the most important loss, the natural course for grief is that over time, the occasions that you keenly feel your loss become fewer, less intense, and the time between these occasions gets longer.

If it has been a while since your loss and this is not happening, you might consider getting some help with your grief, so that it is not so disruptive to your normal life.  Since loss is traumatic, EMDR is a good treatment for excessive grief.  We would not be doing any EMDR with your ordinary cherished memories of your loved one, just with the traumatic memories at the time of your loss.

Sometimes grief is complicated by unresolved issues between you are the person you have lost.  In that case, we can work on resolving those issues, both in the present and within any memories that are unresolved.