Is more than a permanent long weekend

In addition to providing more choice, retirement also provides more opportunity -

         to deepen existing relationships and form satisfying new friendships

         to learn new skills, and to engage in those things that we find the most meaningful

         to help other generations and provide a legacy

         to take the time to appreciate beauty and a slower pace in a new way

         to try new enjoyments

         to be productive in whatever way we choose

Here's wishing that your retirement is everything that you hoped for.   If it's not, perhaps there are some obstacles to your satisfaction that you can change in your favor.

Without knowing it, many of us developed an identity around the work that we did.  We said things like, "I'm a fire-fighter," or "I'm a nurse."  That identity helped us feel worthwhile, competent, productive and needed while we were working.  Now that we're retired, we might miss that, perhaps more than we would like to admit.

Then too, there's the family holiday.  If it was always a great experience while we were working, then it's more likely that our permanent "family holiday" continues to be a great experience.  But if our family holiday had its own stresses and strains, then we can now be finding these to be magnified.

All of us deserve a happy and productive retirement.  If your retirement is not as happy and as meaningful as you would like it to be, maybe we could talk about it.  You never know, you might be more adventurous and creative, more needed and appreciated than you ever expected.