Stress-proofing for Work
is achievable for most people

These days, most of us aged 18 - 65 spend the majority of our daily lives in the work environment.  When this is not going well, the results can be serious not just for our economic health, but also for our physical, mental and emotional health.

Many people whose work life is stressful find that certain situations or certain people can trigger that stress.  Just being in those situations or being around those people is enough to raise our stress levels and result in a whole range of unwanted feelings and behaviors.  When we find ourselves triggered in this way, it is a sign that our present work environment is bringing up past trauma for us - past situations that were surprising or shocking, that were damaging to us, and that were not resolved at the time.  When we are triggered, we re-live our past feelings in the present situation.

The easiest and by far most effective way to deal with this kind of work stress is through some type of reprocessing therapy such as EMDR.  Once the underlying traumatic memories no longer have control over our thoughts and feelings, it is a straightforward matter to discover and reinforce the healthy beliefs and skills that act as our stress-proofing in difficult situations.  A standard part of EMDR is making sure that our successful treatment not only protects us from unwanted intrusions from the past, but also creates healthy patterns for our behavior in future situations.  This may seem like a tall order, but it can take place fairly rapidly - almost always within the short time taken by a stress leave from work.  So when you return, you are truly ready to deal with your environment in the way that you want to.